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September 17, 2011


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Tina  H. Boogren

I love you guys. Seriously. I want to go back in time and stalk you at BBC. Then maybe I wouldn't have left so early. XOXO

Jennifer R.

Tina this was awesome!!! I didn't even have a Twitter account on Saturday when I went to BBC so I really felt out of it! And while I have two boys, I am in no way a mommy blogger. Sure I share stories about my boys, but I write about books and my attempts to make funny desserts with Cool Whip and all sorts of topics. The object of my blog is to keep me writing.

I loved your analogy to being a second year teacher - having been one I completely understood your sentence without having to reread it! 😉

I'm glad we're both in Denver. I am hoping our group will be able to support each other.

Happy Wednesday.


Oh my gosh, I'm so glad to hear you had a similar experience as me. I was totally overwhelmed with all the things I was doing wrong, or not doing, or how "small" my blog is. I'm your new follower.

Cathy C.

You offer some GREAT writing and some serious laughs!! "Don't" change a thing :)

Tina  H. Boogren

I feel very, very warm and fuzzy thanks to your kind, kind words, my fellow bloggers! Thank you so stinkin' much! XOXO

Michelle Gebhart

I panicked slightly after hearing all those "donts" too. I definitely have some of them on my blog. And when they said, "even if you ONLY have 40,000 hits a month..." I about died. I probably have 30 or 50 (well ok, my blog is brand new but still). Anyway, it was nice to meet you. Your blog is pretty.

Fiona @banteringblonde

Ya know what? Your blog rocks!

Tina  H. Boogren

Oh, Shannon, you are the BEST. I swear, if I ever get this nonsense published into a book, YOU are top of my list to thank... xoxo

Shannon Rhoades

All of that makes sense, but I like your blog, keywords or no, and I read a few blogs. Take what works for you and move on, I say. And yay for different paths!

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