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November 30, 2016


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Tina  H. Boogren

Thank you, Nicole! I LOOOOOVE your Fitbit alarm reminder! xoxo

Tina  H. Boogren

Hannah, thank you!!!! That meme may have forever changed me. xoxo

Nicole Jamison

What a wonderful reminder! You remind us every time I hear/read your words. Thank you for being a voice for us! And my Fitbit alarm reminds me to breathe at least once every day...thanks to you.

Hannah Scott

This darn meme!! 🙈 But I LOVE this! Can't wait to read more :)

Tina  H. Boogren

Thank you so much, Bridgette! This means the absolute WORLD to me. Take good care of yourself this month--it's a tough one. Sending big, big love.

Bridgette Favreau

I was at the training where you said this quote and I just love this self care for educators that you are doing! I can't wait to read this book! This introduction is fabulous and spot on!

Tina  H. Boogren

YES!!! Those teachers are a huge chunk of the shining stars I refer to here! Man, oh man, what an HONOR it is to get to work with all of you. So much love.

Libby Bonesteel

What!! FNWSU has a cameo here--where's the, "So I was working with the most marvelous educators, lead by this fabulous lady, totally knocking their inservice out of the park, when I said..." I think that would be appropriate. You go girl!

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