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April 18, 2011


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Tina  H. Boogren

Thank you for your beautiful post, Kim.


Thank you for bloging about this amazing documentary. My brother is one of the producers of this film. And though I am obviously a very proud sister, I am also a parent who, like you, took away the importance of appreciating life's ordinary moments. @Katie - I live in AZ too and believe this documentary would help the people of Tucson heal. I hope you'll have the opportunity to see it.

Tina  H. Boogren

Steve, thank you for reading and for creating such a beautiful project. You are amazing.

steve field

Tina- Thanks for these words. We are very proud of this documentary. I am honored to have worked on this film. I hope it touches many lives.

Tina  H. Boogren

Katherine, I appreciate so deeply your comments to my post. Thank you for your words and for reminding us to take time today (and everyday) to remember and to honor. I would love to hear your thoughts after viewing the film this weekend. Take care of you. Tina

Katherine Zimpfer

Thanks for sharing how this documentary effected you. I plan to see this film this weekend and no it will be extremely emotional having had family at Columbine during the tradgedy, knowing some of the families of the victims, hearing Columbine teachers recount their where abouts of that day as well as numerous students and later graduating from Columbine my self. I look forward to see how the families grew and coped with such tragedy. I also find it important for us to remember the events of April 20th but see what has blossomed out of such tragedy. I also feel living in Littleton that the further away we get from that tragic day many people let a day of rememberance and lessons learn fall into our regular daily routines. Though we never forget we still need to come together as a community to remember those that lost their lifes. I remember the fences full of flowers around Columbine shortly after the tragedy and only hope that when I pay my respect to the memorial tomorrow there are cards flowers and offerings to honor those lost.

I also hope the producers will release the documentary nationwide as Columbines tragedy touched everyone and wants to see the healing and peace the families have made in 12 years. I'd also like to see it released on DVD with proceeds going to the memorial found. Columbine changed the nation and we all need this healing.

I hope all who have a chance to see the documentary will.

God bless you all! Columbine is in my heart and will never be forgotten. Once a rebel always a rebel!

Tina  H. Boogren

Thanks for all the comments, Friends. I had more hits on this post than I've had on any other. Important stuff.

And Dad, you and Mom taught me to enjoy the 'ordinary' days... I am so grateful for that.

Robert Humphrey

Great blog. The movie is definitely on our 'to do' list. Enjoy the 'ordinary' is truly a life lesson.


Thank you for sharing your thinking about this movie. I love the idea of appreciating the ordinary. Even without having see the movie, this will stick with me and will surely be a writing prompt for my students as well!


Thank you for sharing your experience so beautifully. We are all connected at the heart.

Tina  H. Boogren

Thank you for your comments... It's important to keep this dialogue going. Enjoy an ordinary day...


Beautifully written. I will watch, and listen, and learn.

Thank you.


What an excellent blog! I appreciate the way you are able to articulate your feelings of that day. I'm in Tucson, and we've recently had our own version of that sort of tragedy, and it's such a different feeling when it's happening around you, rather than just watching it on TV. I'm not sure I'd be able to get through this movie, quite honestly.

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