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April 29, 2011


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Derran bought be a pair of Big Star jeans from The Buckle last year for my birthday and they are BY FAR the best jeans I've ever owned. They were insanely priced, but SO worth it. Plus, they are actually LONG enough to the point where they had to hem them for me! They did a great job of hemming, too. They kept the integrity of the bottoms so they still looks worn rather than looking all dorky and hemmed. I'm pretty sure the sale woman at The Buckle spent 45 minutes with me and brought me every pair in the place until I was pleased. I highly recommend it!


I absolutely buy expensive jeans... All the time... Almost exclusively. It could ALMOST be called an addiction - but that's such an ugly word. Paige, 7 For All Mankind, AG, Citizens of Humanity, Cookie Johnson, David Kahn, Elie Tahari, TAG+,... love them. Love.

They last longer, fit better, and are loooonnnngggg enough (this could ALMOST be called an obsession, but that, too, is such an ugly word).

Yes. You deserve them. Wear them proudly with that extra little bounce in your step!

Tina  H. Boogren

Thank you, Erin! I have a feeling that I may be moving beyond the Gap (for jeans) and into a whole new world... I wrote down the brands you mentioned and look forward to a shopping trip SOON! Thank you, thank you! (And there's a lot to be said for buying what makes us happy--good call!)
Miss you!


I've been a convert to expensive jeans for years now. You just can't beat a great pair of jeans. They last longer and for me the way they make me feel is worth the hundreds of dollars I have been known to thrown down on them. You should give Paige or J Brand jeans a try too. And Hudson's are ridiculously comfy and make your butt look hot too! Happy shopping! :)

Side note: I don't try very hard to justify much of what I buy so I'm not a good person to give advice in this area! I'm single...I buy what makes me happy!

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