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June 15, 2011


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Tina  H. Boogren

Grant IS crazy-busy--you're totally right, Em... but they do offer a ton of classes every single day and it's just a few blocks from my house... so..... there's that.
: )


i heard the classes at the grant center are uber-busy. everything you wrote about would have made me annoyed too.

Tina  H. Boogren

Thanks for reading and responding, guys!!!

Shannon--Thank you for backing me up on my feelings of resentment towards the too-close-for-comfort-girl.... I mean REALLY?

Robin--I purposely waited to post this until AFTER you'd left for class! HA!!! I'm so glad you're 'in'! Now we have even more to talk about!!!!

Shannon Rhoades

I'm sorry you had a crappy time, but I totally have experienced the same thing at one time or another in yoga class. (thankfully not very often!) I would have probably walked out the minute the chick put her towel on my mat...waaayyy to close for comfort, baby.

And yes, it's all about the pants. Never shorts. I wish.

Either way, this blog post had me nodding and laughing all at the same time. Thanks!


Um.... it is a good thing I didn't read this BEFORE I tried yoga for the first time! Hahahaha! There weren't any "heavy" breathers in this class...

I get the whole pants thing now, too. I wore the tight pants that hit just below the knee... and I was totally slipping on the tripod, balance the knees on the triceps move -- which I will, hopefully, get better at!!

So -- yoga. Okay... I'm in!

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